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Office address: The Peninsula Victoria Place
Postal code: M4 4EW
City: Manchester
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number: +44 (0)844 774 2005
Customer support: +44 (0)844 774 2005

Extranet help: and

Specified contact details
Always email to:
Support extranet:
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An existing customer on channel

The hotel will have to contact the channel manager directly requesting the connection.
LateRooms will activate the connection upon the request sent by the channel manager to as the connection ID will be required from the Channel Manager.

A new customer on channel

The hotel will have to apply to join the website submitting an online application .
Once the application is processed, the hotel has issues with the access details to the extranet. The hotel will have to contact the channel manager as in the point above.

Example switch email


Dear Laterooms team,

Please could you activate the following hotel with a connection to SmartHOTEL

Extranet username:
Property ID in SmartHOTEL:

Please advise us when the switch has been made. Please do not remove any of the hotel data.

Kind regards,


LateRooms aim to switch the connection within 24 hours from the moment they receive the connection request email.

In order to set up the rooms/rates on LateRooms you will need to perform some actions on the LateRooms extranet:

Login to Extranet, go to the property, choose room and rates.

First, go to Rate Plans and select Add New Rate.

The Rate Plan Code must match the Rate ID of the rate in the channel manager

Next, go into the Room Details and Add New Room Type or edit the existing room types

The Room Ref must match the Room ID in the channel manager

The Channel Manager controls the Advance Booking Policy so it is essential this information is set up on the rates.


Who provides what

Fill in the Credentials (same as extranet) and use the Hotel Code communicated to LateRooms as the PIN.



Multiple rooms are supported.


Multiple rates are supported.

The standard column needs to be mapped to send all occupancy pricing.  All other columns also need to be mapped so when Laterooms makes a live-call to our system for pricing they can view all occupancy rates.

Useful Info.


LateRooms applies a combination of push and pull. This means that you have to upload R&A to LateRooms caching, which can only be checked on the front end of the booking site (by simulating a booking). When a booker proceeds to a certain step in the booking procedure LateRooms will pull the most recent data from the Channel Manager.

Bookable until?

1 year in advance

How far in advance can data be sent?

1 year in advance

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle?

Bookings are pushed to the interface by LateRooms.

Modifications are not supported and will result in a cancellation followed by a new reservation.

Credit Card Details

Credit card information will be sent in the reservation XML and cannot be obtained from their extranet.

All the specific information about can be found in our T&C and on Support pages: