General details
Postal code: 336315
Country: United Arab Emirates
Telephone number: +971-4-561-2000
Customer support: +90 850 502 49 53



For new and existing hotels

Please send your activation requests according to the hotel's Region. The hotelier should inform their account manager that they would like to connect with SmartHOTEL. They should adjust the settings on their side so we can retrieve the mapping.

It is important that the channel manager rate option at Metglobal side is set at per-pax and not at per-room. Otherwise, the rate update will not be accepted.

Once we activate a connection please inform the Metglobal connection team by email

Activation and information can be requested from regional teams. Please ask the SmartHOTEL team for the email.


Who provides what?

Only pincode is required which is the hotel id of the hotel at Metglobal.


Multiple room & multiple rate mapping is supported.  Only the Standard Column needs to be mapped.

The prices for other occupancies will be automatically sent towards Metglobal.

Room & pricing details:

On HotelsPro (Metglobal) a hotel can be set on two different pricing types: Room pricing and occupancy pricing. The hotel must be set up as occupancy based pricing otherwise the connection cannot be completed. Occupancy pricing is most commonly in use at Hotelpro.

Children rates (child & infant) & extra person rates are supported if they are pushed by the PMS to the Channel Manager.

Room Set up in Metglobal

It is essential that the rooms are configured in Metglobal to match the pricing that is sent by the property.

For example, a hotel that has a room set up with Max Occupancy 3 with the Extra Person field filled in, this needs to be configured as a Max Occupancy 4 in Metglobal, allowing a maximum of 3 Adults

Channel Manager Set up


Metglobal set up

Useful Info.

Bookable until?

One year (if longer is desired contact Metglobal)

How far in advance can data be sent?

One year (if longer is desired contact Metglobal)


Metglobal pushes reservations immediately after it is made. In the Metglobal extranet, there is a “provide reference” This field is filled with the reservation id SmartHOTEL returns after receiving the reservation.

The hotel will also continue to receive reservation confirmations direct to the hotel.

Rates are sent as Net in the reservation


  • Minlos & Maxlos restrictions are arrival based (not stay through)
  • Modifications can only consist of a change of the guest name and/or a change of check-in date.  Adding a new room translates to a new reservation.


Error Code Error message Error Handling
187 System currently unavailable Please try again in a few minutes
400 Invalid property code (Hotel code) The hotel code you have been sending is invalid. It should be an integer (e.g. 150)
448 System error Please try again in a few minutes
450 Unable to process Please try again in a few minutes
249 Invalid rate code The rate code you have been sending is invalid. It should be an integer (e.g. 11144)
321 Required field missing An input is missing, please check sample request in the corresponding method
375 Hotel not active Hotel account is not active, please ask Metglobal side to have it activated
392 Invalid hotel code The hotel code you have been sending is invalid. It should be an integer (e.g. 150)
402 Invalid room type Room id provided is not correct for given hotel. Please check room code to have it corrected.
436 Rate does not exist There are no rates for the provided criteria. Please check your criteria to have it corrected.
783 Room or rate not found Room id or rate plan id is not found. They might be deleted. Please check from Compass extranet.
842 Rate not loaded Sent rate data cannot be loaded. Please check your request.
-1 Authentication error: Invalid username or password Username or password is invalid. Please check your credentials.
61 Tax amount is not defined on Metglobal Compass side. Tax amount must be defined on Compass to accept tax excluded rates. Please contact with contracting team to have it done.
1001 Hotel ID not found. Hotel ID value is incorrect. Please contact with contracting team to have it corrected
1003 Hotel is not mapping to channel manager. Please contact support. Channel manager option was not set for related hotel. Please contact with contracting team to have it corrected.
1004 You cannot send more than one person rate for a single room. Single room does not have single-use rate option, as it is already single. Please do not send NumberofGuest value for single rooms.
1005 1005 NumberOfGuest value cannot be more than 3. Child count per room cannot be more than 2 NumberOfGuest value can be sent up to 3 pax for a room. Child count for a room cannot be sent more than 2.
1006 Invalid rate option. Please check your per-person/per-room rate option. Rate option is invalid (room / per pax rate) according to your rate option input (NumberofGuest). Please contact with contracting team to have it changed.
1007 This room does not allow any child(ren). Please check room definition. Please check room configuration to see related room does not allow any child input.
1008 Rate cannot be added to child rate plans. These rate plans are marked as "NO RATE" with additional info tag, their rate is being calculated automatically, rate cannot be sent.
1013 Start date cannot be later than end date. Please check requested start-end dates.