General details
Office address: Kingsfordweg 151
Postal code: 1043 GR
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands

Telephone number: +31 6 4379 6734

Website: ; ;


An existing customer on channel

Hotel needs to contact their market manager and inform about the switch to XML via Channel Manager. It is advised to apply a password change for Extranet usage in case the hotel was connected via another Channel Manager.

Make sure to inform the market manager to remove any reference to other channel managers if connected before (i.e.: failover or resubmit emails sent to specific email address of "scrapper software").

After XML switch, Orbitz will continue to send confirmation emails.

Example switch email

Normally Orbitz does not have to connect anything. The hotel can request this directly with channel manager.

What Channel manager mostly needs is

User Login


Margin (As we need NET rates in our extranet)

Sometimes: Host chain code and Property ID (Orbitz  can give this to the hotel)


Depends on the channel manager.


Fill in the User, Password and PIN in the credentials TAB. The PIN code must contain the Chain code and Property code as listed in the Orbitz extranet and delimited by a semicolon ( ; )



The mapping with Orbitz can always be performed in the standard column in the mapping screen. 
The occupancy settings used in the room set-up will determine the different rates that are sent to Orbitz.

For example, if the occupancy settings are:

It is important to remember that Orbitz always requires a 1P and 2P rate to be sent, no matter what the room occupancy settings are. 
As a result, even though the room is set with default occupancy 3 and a max occupancy 3, the 1P and 2P rates will still be sent. These will, however, be the same as the standard 3P rate. 
In case you wish to change the occupancy settings for a room on Orbitz the users can make these changes directly on the Orbitz extranet.

Please log in and select the "inventory" tab.  In the sub-selection please click on "room type setup". This will now give you an overview of all the current room types that have been created, as well as their occupancy settings.


Multiple room type can be set up.


Multiple rates are supported.

Sales restrictions on the rate (e.g. non-refundable rate or advance) have to be set on Orbitz directly and are not set via the interface.

Useful Info.

Since May 2017, Orbitz takes rates and availability through Expedia® PartnerCentral. The availability is still visible on and the partner websites however it is all managed via the one platform instead of two.

Only properties that have existing negotiated rates for corporate clients remain connected.

Specific details:

Restrictions: open/close, MinLOS (7) MaxLOS (25) (temporary offline), closed to arrival, closed to departure.
Orbitz needs to receive NET rates in the Orbitz extranet.
Sales restrictions on the rate (e.g. non-refundable rate or advance) have to be set on Orbitz directly and are not set via the interface.
Credit card details are provided via XML. the Orbitz company CC details are being provided, which can be charged by the hotel for the booking upon arrival of the guest.
Always the single and double rate is required by Orbitz, therefore this is automatically pushed if applicable.
The extra adult field is activated to Orbitz.
Modifications are not supported and will result in a cancellation followed by a new reservation.
Children on a reservation from Orbitz will be delivered as such via a PDF and in PMS.

Not supported but set via Orbitz extranet:

- Boarding type
- Cancellation Policies
- Extra adult
- Children Rates
- Advanced Purchase
- Release Time
- Promotions
- Discounts
- Static Rooms Availability