General details
Office address: Europapl. 8
Postal code: 44269
City: Dortmund
Country: Germany
Telephone number: +49 231 915 93 0

Customer support: +49 231 915 93 555


An overview of the Protel resellers can be found at


What details to provide to PMS partner

Support and requests for new connections must be done by the country’s vendor, that can be found on


To make the connection, SmartHOTEL must provide the following information to the Protel office:

  • Hotelcode
  • Endpoint by cloud
  • Default Credentials

Please speak to SmartHOTEL to get this information.

Useful Information.


  • We connect based on codes (please note that Protel sends codes in outgoing messages for ARI updates which we change to id’s in the incoming xml’s).


  •  Minimum length of stay only arrives in SmartHOTEL when minimum length of stay on arrival is inserted in Protel. Minimum length of stay is not accepted.
  • SmartHOTEL will implement 2 person prices for single only, triple only and quadruple only rooms.

In rooms with multiple occupancy pricing the pricing will be transmitted correctly.

  • Virtual rooms are not supported via the connection.
    • R&A messages cannot be delivered. The reason for this is that Protel pushes on codes, which SmartHOTEL changes to id’s. When SmartHOTEL uses the same code for multiple rooms the updates will go to the id which is created first.
    • Reservations will arrive in Protel on the code which is entered in the room code.
    • Workaround: Maintain rates and restrictions in the channel manager.


  • Reservations, modifications and cancellations are picked up every five minutes.
  • OTA source codes are not transmitted in reservations
  • Comments are not visible in Protel