(see below for * information)

General details
Office address: Bahnhofstrasse 26-28
Postal code: D66578
City: Schiffweiler
Country: Germany


* this can be a combination of letters & numbers. The hotelcode has to be unique for all clouds

** The hotel can open several room categories for SmartHOTEL and can set how many % of each opened room category is sent to SmartHOTEL.

*** Restrictions can only be applied for all rate codes under a specific room code or for all room codes belonging to a specific rate code. So not for a separate room/ rate combination. It is recommended to hotel to use only 1 of the 2 options per day

**** Close restrictions are always sent together with a CTA & CTD from Sihot. Please note that when a close is set this way for a longer period than 6 days it will not be accepted by HRS.


Connection Information

The hotel requests an order for the interface between SIHOT and SmartHOTEL. If Sihot gets a signed offer from the hotel, the installation process starts. Sihot follows a checklist for the installation.

Once the installation is done the connection between SmartHOTEL & Sihot can be made.


Hotelcode needs to be unique for all clouds

The code can be determined by Sihot as well as the hotel, just as long as they match. Same goes for the room codes & rate codes.

Before Sihot can push the R&A to SmartHOTEL, the PMS partner has to be set to SIHOT and the correct URL has to be set within the field production PMS. This URL will be provided by Sihot

Useful Information.

Sending R&A

A-Sync connection

  • The connection with Sihot is A-Sync. This means that we first return an ACK to Sihot to confirm we received the message.
  • Afterwards we will return the response with either a success or an error. When an error is returned this is visible for the hotelier in their Sihot account via a notification which pops up.
  • The hotelier & Sihot will not get notified when SmartHOTEL only returns an ACK but no response (either success or error) afterwards.

Rate structure when connected with external system (f.e. IDEAS)

  • The external system will load a base rate towards Sihot
  • Afterwards Sihot will calculate the derived prices. These can be, for example, a room upgrade or city tax
  • When an upload from IDEAS comes in all rates in Sihot will be deleted and will be replaced by the new message.  When, for a certain date, no price from IDEAS comes in only the calculations will be sent to the channel manager.

Other remarks

  • An incoming message can be a full load, which means it is a full refresh for all rooms & rates for an entire year. Delta load means only the modified dates are sent.
  • Every night Sihot updates the rates for 365 days from now and sends that to SmartHOTEL.  Availability & restrictions are only updated when the interface is restarted, or when a reservation, modification or cancellation is done.
  • Sihot is only able to send an open by default when the interface is restarted. There is no other option to trigger the open message towards the channel manager.
  • When Sihot sends the adjusted availability after they picked up a reservation they also send the availability for the check out date. This does not mean Sihot also changes the availability for the check out date. The logic is built that way on their side because other channel managers need it.

Reservation delivery

The connection with Sihot is A-sync. This implies the following applied for the reservation process.

  • Reservation request sent by SmartHOTEL to Sihot
  • Sihot responds immediately with an ACK message indicating that they received the reservation. At this moment the reservation is NOT yet processed in Sihot and could either be successful or error.  SmartHOTEL is able to see those ACK responses in the logs, however those logs are only kept for a certain amount of time.
  • When the reservation is processed by Sihot, SmartHOTEL receives a response back which contains the reservation ID from Sihot
  • SmartHOTEL replies to this response with an ACK message that the response was received properly.
  • When we don’t receive the initial ACK from Sihot the reservation will go on empty XML response in SmartHOTEL. This happens a couple of minutes after offering the reservation to Sihot. We only try to offer the reservation once to Sihot. There is no retry mechanism in case of no response. When a reservation went on empty XML response the it will be sent by failover e-mail towards the hotel.
  • In case we do receive an ACK message but followed by an error response instead of success the reservation will also go on failover e-mail.

Processing a reservation within Sihot can have 3 results:

  • Accepted
  • Not accepted
  • Accepted but with res type = error. This is the case with incorrect room id and/or rate id. In that case a default roomtype from Sihot will be added to the reservation

Other remarks:

  • Modifications & cancellations are automatically processed. Therefore, no manual handling from the hotel is required.
  • The SmartHOTEL reservation id will be mentioned in Sihot under GDS number
  • External reservation id will be mentioned in Sihot under External key

Other Information

Sihot is able to connect with IDEAS as RMS