General details
Office address: Albert Einsteinweg 4
Postal code: 8218NH
City: Lelystad
Country: Netherlands
Telephone number: 0182-751118
Customer support:

Extranet: (For internal use only)

Specified contact details
Always email to:
Support extranet:
Development / API Support: Jeroen Weustink  (Developer and contact for SmartHOTEL)
Sales / Product management: Wouter Mohrmann  (Sales and contact for SmartHOTEL)


An existing customer on channel

Hotel setup is done by SmartHOTEL and connected to the channel manager

A new customer on channel

Hotel must sign a contract with SmartHOTEL and when the contract is signed we will do the setup for the hotel


As soon as the contract is signed we can do the setup and get to hotel  live, depending on how fast the information is provided by hotel. A basic setup can be done within one day.


HotelID must be filled at PIN code

Who provides what

Hotel provides SmartHOTEL with information as requested in the inventory document which can be found here

Hotel provides SmartHOTEL with photo’s of rooms/packages.

SmartHOTEL will do the setup


Mapping is one-to-one to make sure the proper room/rate combination is shown on the reservation confirmation SmartHOTEL sends to the hotel

Useful Info.

Bookable until?

Until R&A is loaded and the hotel has availability.

How far in advance can data be sent?

Paxxio does not have a database where it stores R&A. Paxxio is picking up the data from the channel manager every hour and executes a final check with the extranet before finalizing the booking.

Payments via Mollie

When the hotel is offering Mollie for payments and a reservation is made the guest will be transferred to a Mollie payment page.

The reservation has been finalized even though the payment has not yet been completed.

When, for whatever reason, the payment is not done yet:

If after 15 minutes the payment has not been finalized then the booking will be cancelled.

How to open the booking engine + iFrame

The booking engine always has to be opened in a <New Tab> in order to be operational. Loading the booking engine in an iFrame will not work due to data privacy regulations.

Implementation & Tips.

URL build up

Default :

To room or package:<rooms|packages>//

Available GET query parameters

All parameters can be used independently of each other and are not mandatory. When a value is not given, the default value is loaded to the value previously chosen by the user. The exception to this is that when the dates are changed, both the checkin and checkout must be given.

In addition, checks are carried out on the parameters, e.g. if you want to change the date, or if you want to change the date, you have to provide both the checkin and the checkout. Test if language is used then the default language will be loaded because it is not within the available options.

Set date selection

Set language and currency

Set number of persons

Set promo code

Direct link to room or package

Direct linking to a specific room is also possible. You need the roomid from the hotels which can be requested at the SmartHOTEL Bookingengine support contact.

When a room is not available on the specific day of search the module will not show the room but will go back to the start page where a specific date and amount of persons have to entered and all rooms will be shown.

To room

To package


Pricechecker Useful Information:

Pricechecker checks, Expedia, and own website

The working of the Price Checker is optimized for Chrome and Safari (Iphone/ipad) and the Samsung browser (android). User may experience difficulties in accessing the Price Checker via Internet Explorer.


If the hotel uses a Pricechecker you need below script in combination with a UUID.

The pricechecker script adds a 'widget' to the page which also compares the prices of and others with those of its the website module.

The standard setup has color red and is shown at the bottom right of the page. The following possibilities are still possible:

  • Top left
  • Top right
  • Left middle
  • Right middle
  • Left bottom
  • Right below

If the colour has to be different, please send us the hexadecimal color code.

Pricechecker script:

Add the following javascript to the head section of your website.

Pricechecker parameters:

Make sure you replace the parameters that are defined in the script above