General details
Office address: Het Eeftink 11-12
Postal code: 7541 WH
City: Enschede
Country: Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 88 116 8901


Useful Information.

The following should be provided by BookingExperts.

  • Hotel ID
  • Room ID’s
  • Rate ID’s

BookingExperts is a PMS and an Interface at the same time so it requires the BookingExperts interface and BookingExperts mapping set up in CONNECT.

SmartCONNECT will extract the ARI at regular intervals from the BEX API and feed the data into the Connect API where the Business service takes care of redundancy checks. The activation of the Business Service is mandatory for this PMS.

Mapping will be done in CONNECT from the BEX ID’s to the Channel Manager codes.

Rate Information

Rates are provided as a standard value so we have to apply a weight to the rate to add the extra person price if applicable.  The Calculation Service and Max/Default Pricing settings need to be enabled in SmartCONNECT.

Price received from BookingExperts

Even though this says Occ 2 it is actually for 6 persons

Room set up in CONNECT 

The Max adults setting is defining the NumberOfGuests value to be sent to the Channel Manager.

The Default Occupancy setting is only for EnnIT and works in combination with the weights

The weight is the calculation needed for Extra Persons if required

Price sent to CM

It is taking the received value from the PMS as the Default Occupancy Value and adding on the weight for additional occupancies up to the Max Adult setting and then will be sending the Max Adult value in the NumberOfGuests

Email setting

The guest email address provided in the reservations from the OTA's needs to be replaced by the hotel provided notification email address and the guest email is added to the reservation comments.  This is because BookingExperts sends emails out for every reservation and the guest would have already received one from the original booking site.

Travel Agent Codes

Every OTA the property uses needs to be added to the IATA list in CONNECT.  Without this setup reservations will fail to upload to the PMS or end up in the default channel

The current list at BEX will be retrieved and shown in the IATA code dropdown.

If a new channel needs to be added select it from the OTA code list and click

The channel will then be visible in the IATA code list.  Profile ID is not required.