*See below for more information on Supported Functionalities

General details
Office address: 27 Redcliffe Gardens
Postal code: SW10 9BH
City: London
Country: United Kingdom


Useful Information.


The hotel can contact their commercial contact at Clock to request a connection between Clock & SmartHOTEL


Clock needs to receive the following details:

  • White label id
  • Hotel id
  • Room id’s (only the main rooms)
  • Rate id’s

Useful Info. 

  • Clock has an automatic algorithm in place, which every time they get an error message for an update, will re-try to send the update up to 3 times, and then automatically stops updating that request. They notify the hotel in a To Do message in the PMS as well as with an e-mail message when a message fails towards the channel manager
  • Reservations are picked up every 5 minutes
  • Clock does not have the possibility to set negative allotment
  • ARI updates cannot be sent for a specific period. When requesting an ARI update it will always be sent for an entire year. It is possible to request an update for only certain ratecodes or roomcodes.
  • SmartHOTEL sends all the contact details of the booker and only the name of the guest since this is received that way by the OTA. Clock does not have the possibility to take over the contact details of the booker towards the guest in Clock when they are the same.

Supported functionalities

* In Clock the mapping is done on the combination of room id & rate id. So when an existing rate id is connected to an existing room id in SmartHOTEL the hotel needs to map this in Clock as well.

Per product (a combination of room id & rate id) the hotel can select whether they would like to send:

  • Availability and/or
  • Rates & restrictions

** To connect a virtual room the rate type under the virtual should also be connected to the main room. In Clock the combination main room id with rate id will be mapped for reservation delivery. It is not possible to push rates & restrictions towards the virtual roomtypes

*** The single use & double use prices are always the same. So it is not possible to set separate prices for single use & double use

**** when the external reservation id differs in the modification compared to the original reservation, Clock will fully delete the original reservation and create a new one. When the external reservation id in the modification and the original reservation are the same Clock will modify the original reservation.
Please note that Clock does not only look at the external reservation id but to the combination of roomindexnr / reservation id & ota id