General details
Office address: Baron Ruzettelaan 25
Postal code: 8310
City: Bruges
Country: Belgium



The hotel will inform Cubilis they would like a connection with SmartHOTEL so Cubilis can provide the credentials to SmartHOTEL.

SmartHOTEL can also request Cubilis to provide the XML credentials


XML Username / XML Password & Pincode are required.

Who provides what?

Cubilis / StarDekk will provide the XML credentials to SmartHOTEL. If not received they can be requested via StarDekk Support


Mapping is only required in the standard column. Please note that only single & double use prices are sent. If you need the highest price to be send in case of a triple or quadruple room please map in the column accordingly

Multiple rates are supported

Useful Info.

How far in advance can data be sent?

R&A data can be sent up to 2 years in advance


SmartHOTEL needs to confirm they picked up the reservation
Booking source is mentioned in the comments
Res ID Value is reservation ID of Cubilis
ResID Source is reservation ID of the booking channel

Agequalifing code 1 is Adults
Agequalifying code 2 is Children