General details
Office address: Genthiner Str. 8
Postal code: 10785
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Telephone number: +49 30 770193000
Customer support:




Only the pincode (hotel id) is required. This can be delivered by HotelNetSolutions


  • Every occupancy needs to be mapped separately. With occupancies higher than 4 (so 5-5 room / 6-6 room etc) this can be done via virtual rooms
  • In the mapping field you are not able to check which room id is for which occupancy. This overview will be shared by HotelNetSolutions
  • Even though each occupancy has a separate room id, the availability will not be duplicated on HotelNetSolutions side
  • In most cases the prices & restrictions need to be pushed for only one rate id and other rates can be mapped for reservation delivery only. To be sure this needs to be checked per go live with HotelNetSolutions

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