General details
Office address: Balderton Hall, Fernwood
Postal code: NG24 3JR
City: Newark, Nottinghamshire
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number:
Customer support:
Fax: not applicable

Extranet help:


New Customer wanting to connect;

If you wish to make a connection to HotelREZ please inform your SmartHOTEL consultant and we will get someone from HotelREZ to contact you directly

Existing Customer with HotelREZ;

Please inform your Account Manager at HotelREZ that you would like to connect via the SmartHOTEL channel manager and they will contact our Customer Success team to initiate the connection


The XML credentials will need completing as below;

The XML Username and password is generic. Please request these credentials from the SmartHOTEL support team.

The PIN Code is provided by HotelREZ in their mapping document


HotelREZ works with Manual mapping set up.

You will need to create the mapping codes before proceeding.

This can be done by entering the synchronise section 

Firstly you need to add the rooms which have been provided in the HotelREZ mapping form

Once the rooms have been added you need to click “Save” and await the successful response “The manual mapping was successfully updated”

You will now need to add the rates from the RateCodes tab from the HotelREZ mapping form

The rate will need adding to every room (where applicable)

In the above example, NN84 will be used to receive rates, restriction and inventory.  This is the Base rate in HotelREZ.

The SBA rate is a calculated rate and, when sold, reservations will be delivered to the NN84 mapped rate.  This can be seen as the PMS rate code for integration is the NN84 Base rate.

Once the manual mapping is complete you can continue with mapping as per normal to the Standard Column

Useful Info.

Credit Card information

Sometimes card details can be seen in the incoming reservation message but nothing is being sent on to the PMS.  This is because HotelREZ is sending us masked card details.  Should the hotel want to receive the card details in the PMS then they need to request with HotelREZ to include it in the reservation and it will no longer be available on the HotelREZ side.