General details
Office address: Stationsplein 90-92
Postal code: 2011 LM
City: Haarlem
Country: The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0)23 302 4667
Customer support: +31 (0)23 302 4667
Fax: not applicable



An existing customer on channel

When a hotel wants to connect, please contact Channel Support for the XML credentials.

A new customer on channel

Hotels that want to sign up with Hotelspecials can fill out the form on the following website:

Example switch email

Subject: Connect hotel XXX to Hotelspecials for SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

Dear Hotelspecials channel support,

Can you please activate the following property on XML for Hotelspecials:

Property name:
HotelspecialsProperty ID:

Thank you.

Kind regards,


In most cases, you will receive an answer with the XML credentials within a few days.


Who provides what?

The hotel can provide you with the login details for the Hotelspecials extranet. The extranet credentials are the same as the XML credentials, but to be able to do a mapping you will also need the Hotel ID/PIN, which is provided by Channel Support at Hotelspecials.



No special settings are needed to map normal rooms.

To map packages specific settings are required on room-level depending on the number of nights the package should be bookable. On Hotelspecials dynamic packages can be set, which means they are able to connect another room to an existing room (at Hotelspecials) which is connected to the channel manager.

For example:

• If you want to connect a package (1 or more nights) you need to select ‘package’ in the drop-down box of the room type.
• The package type has to be set to ‘package # night’ depending on the nights the package should be bookable.


Hotelspecials supports only 1 rate (ratecode 1, one or more nights).  If a room is set up with ratecode 2, Hotelspecials must change this to ratecode 1. Packages are supported but need certain settings on room level (see rooms).

Hotelspecials does not support multiple rates. In order to connect different rate types, you are forced to create either a new room or a virtual room.

!! Master Rate has to be checked to able to send restrictions to Hotelspecials !!


It is only possible to map one column.  Should a hotel wish to send different occupancy pricing them they need to have additional rooms created.

Useful Info.

Reservation delivery

• The hotel receives two reservations, one from Hotelspecials itself and one from the channel manager.
• Cancellations are not being sent through channel manager, but only by Hotelspecials.
• Reservations are being picked up every 10 minutes.

Dynamic Packages

Hotelspecials works with Dynamic Packages. Dynamic Packages are packages that don't need a connection with the channel manager. The packages are connected to the booking site. Rates and availability are not controlled by the channel manager. Rates are being fixed in advance at the booking site and availability is derived from a 'head room'.


We do receive services / supplement in the reservation XML and they are also mappable via services in the extranet. When a reservation is made with a service which is not mappable SmartHOTEL needs to be informed. In this case we need to add this service in our database

Bookable until

Rates and availability can be sent for an unlimited time period. On the front page, the guest can book only 365 days ahead.


Single use prices are not supported by Hotelspecials. If you want to send Single use prices, you have two options.

1. Create a Single Room in the channel manager and connect this room to the Single Room of Hotelspecials.
2. Map the Single Room that has been created by Hotelspecials to the Single Use column of a room.

Please note that in both situations, the Single Room and the Double Room must have different room ID’s.


<error>Invalid credentials</error>

The credentials are invalid. Either the hotel has been disconnected, or the credentials are changed. Please contact the hotel or Hotelspecials to see what is going on.