General details
Office address: Princesa, 58
Postal code: 08003
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Telephone number: +34 93 268 10 10
Customer support: +34 93 295 99 08

Extranet: and

Within Grupo Hotusa there are 3 different hotel affiliations:

Hotusa, a commercial and technological hotels’ partner through an association proposal

Keytel, focused on hotel chains

Beds4Travel, specialized in the vacation market (B2B)


An existing customer on channel

Send an email to Channel Support at Hotusa asking the XML activation for the hotel and mentioning the hotel id.

Hotusa will activate the property and confirm it back

You can start mapping the rooms the property needs.

A new customer on channel

Hotel should contact Hotusa via contact centre in Barcelona to sign up.

For more information please visit

Example switch email

Subject: Connect hotel XXX to Hotusa XML for SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

Dear Connecticity team,

We would like to request the channel manager connection for the following property:

Property name:
Hotusa Property ID:
Channel Manager: SmartHotel

Please confirm when the XML connection is ready.

Kind regards,


A couple of days, this varies. Please let SmartHOTEL know in case the switch time takes too long. In case the hotel just requested for an account to be created on Hotusa, depending on the cooperation requirements, sometimes it takes several months until the market manager for the specific area and the manager of the property agrees on a mutual cooperation.


Who provides what

The extranet login is provided by Hotusa to the property.  Please get these from the property to fill them in the channel manager. The same credentials are used for the XML user and XML password. The PIN is the password.



No occupancy based pricing is not supported.

For single use, a specific room type should be created on Hotusa, which can be mapped in the channel manager.


A multiple rate mapping is available, however, this only is functional with different board types. At all times it is required that for every rate type a different boarding type is created in the rate set-up in the channel manager:

Occupancy is sent at room level, which implies that a multiple rate set-up as mentioned above does not require specific master rate settings. It is thus not possible to send different availability per rate category. If a room is available it will be available for all boarding types


In order to send a different rate per occupancy, i.e. single use, a different room needs to be mapped in the single-use column. Please remember to use the default and threshold settings in the rate set-up in order to reduce the chance of overbooking.

Useful Info.

Bookable until?

Hotels are bookable until the 31st of December of the next year

How far in advance can data be sent?

Data can always be sent until the 31st of December of the next year

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle?

Reservation pull every 5 minutes

Other (1 way, 2 nights only, packages etc)

A specific one-way connection is not available. It is possible to update the extranet of Hotusa manually after a switch to channel manager.

Unfortunately, Hotusa does not show on their extranet if a room is closed or not. Only if there is a 0 availability the room shows as RED.  Please keep in mind that this is a viewing issue on the Hotusa extranet and that close messages from the channel manager to Hotusa are handled correctly.

Due to the fact that Hotusa only provides one field containing the entire name of the guest it is not possible to separate the first name from the family name. As a result, the entire name will be sent to the family name, or surname, field to the PMS

No specific packages are available.


No credit card information provided by Hotusa

Only multiple rates per boarding type


Only "0 allotment" rooms show as room closed in their extranet.  However, if a close restriction is sent where there is room availability it is stored in the back-end of the system.

The same applies for MinLOS restrictions.  These are visible in the back-end of their system.

Note: A closed rate with a MinLOS restriction will only send the close restriction.  If the rate is opened again then the channel manager will send an open restriction and a MinLOS restriction. This is because the restrictions are considered separate types.


Possible occurring errors:

<Error Code="vld.invalid.rates.update">Rates do not exist for the
specified date range</Error>

<Error Code="vld.invalid.raisecap">Nett value 500 cannot exceed cap
value 130.99</Error>

<Error Code="vld.invalid.enddate.before">The end date 2019-04-15
should be on or before 2015-12-31</Error>

<Error Code="">Invalid occupancy 1 for
room id 27,746</Error>