General details
Office address: 655 Montgomery St #600
Postal code: 94111
City: San Francisco, CA
Country: USA
Telephone number: +1 415 343 8811
Customer support: +1 866 468 9473



An existing customer on channel

Can be connected to the channel manager any time the hotel is ready.

A new customer on channel

The hotel needs to complete the enrollment form at Once the channel has been set up, it is ready for the connection with the Channel Manager.


Not applicable, this is in control of the one who does the switch procedure. All can be controlled independently.


The PIN code is the property code.

Please enter the hotels' extranet user and password in the Extranet users and Extranet password fields. The XML user and XML password have to be created on the extranet of Hotwire. Please find the instructions below:

Who provides what?

Create your own XML credentials on the Hotwire Extranet. Log in to the Hotwire extranet at

Use the log in the hotel has provided and select the right hotel. There could be a choice of hotels here:

Select “Add a new user” and fill in below:

First name: SmartHOTEL
Last Name: XML
Email address: the email address of the local office or white label office
Phone: generic phone number
Permission: always on “All Permissions”

If you click on “Save changes”, it will then create the user and will send a validation email to the email address entered. To be able to set the password, please click on the link provided in this email and choose the password. To keep it generic please enter the Password: SmartHOTEL01. The email address and newly set password together with the Hotwire's hotel ID are the XML credentials.

Please be aware that if you have already used the email address before for another property to create a user on the Extranet, the only thing you have to do is to create the user. The password for this email address already has been set before, so the moment you log in again under this account on the Hotwire extranet you will see that there are more properties visible now.



Manual mapping should be done with Hotwire.  Login to the Hotwire extranet and go to "Room types" and make a screenshot because you need it for the mapping in the Channel Manager extranet.

Then go to the Channel Manager extranet and press the synchronize button:

Then you get the mapping screen where you need to adjust/add manually the mapping:

Hotwire field Channel Manager field
Room type name --> Room code
XHW is fixed rate code from Hotwire --> Rate code (XHW)

Press "Save".  Now the room and rates are visible and ready to be mapped.


Only 1 rate possible. The rate code for the rate on Hotwire is always XHW. In case you would like to use multiple rates, multiple rooms have to be created on Hotwire and virtual rooms in the Channel Manager can be used.

Useful Info.

For Hotwire you can load multiple room types, however, usually, the Run-of-house room type is activated and also has to be there. This ROH room type cannot be taken out!

In case extra room types are desired, the bed type program needs to be activated by Hotwire. Please ensure the hotel sends a request to the Hotel Help team in case they want this activated.

Commission values are set at runtime by Hotwire. The hotel will not know what their commission percentage will be.


A nett rate has to be sent to Hotwire. This means excluding Mark up/ commission and depending on the setting of Hotwire including or excluding tax. This VAT setting can be adjusted on the Hotwire extranet:

Pick up/ Push cycle

Reservations are being pulled every 15 minutes.

Credit card information?

Credit card information is provided. The credit card number provided is a single use number. Hotwire will charge the guest credit card and the hotel can charge the single-use card from Hotwire. ! Important: Prepaid reservations only! Hotwire provides single-use credit card numbers.

Bookable when?

A guest can book a room 330 days upfront on Hotwire

The inventory may be loaded 15 months in advance. The rates can be loaded for a year.

Restrictions supported?

Open - close (checkbox “sold out” on Hotwire extranet)
Minimum length stay
Closed to Arrival
Closed to Departure (not visible on the extranet)