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An existing customer on channel

The property needs to contact their JAC Travel contract manager to indicate a connection with the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager is desired.

An email should be sent to indicating that the GetBookings should be enabled.

A new customer on channel

Sign up online at or send an email to their Hotels team.

After the contract is signed and the property is loaded in JAC Travel, they will receive the login for the JAC travel extranet.

Please indicate that a connection with the SmartHOTEL channel manager is desired and that the GetBookings should be enabled if the property is ready to switch.


A couple of days, this varies. Please let SmartHOTEL know in case the switch time takes too long.


Who provides what

The username and password will be provided by JAC travel to the property. The PIN is the service ID on JAC travel and can be obtained by pressing the synchronize button:

Should the hotel have two service IDs this means that they have two contracts.

Depending on the hotels' preference, it is usually the BAR contract that you add in.  You may need to verify with them which Service ID is required.  The second contract is usually a Non Refundable contract.  Although this can be managed by R&A update, we can only receive reservations on the contract that is assigned to the credentials.



JAC has different ID's per board basis so you may need to create virtual rooms to map this.


The rates supported are the NETT and BAR rates. If we send a value to the NETT rate, JAC travel will divide the amount into 2 and display that on the extranet. This is automatically done by JAC travel depending on the price type values send (see screenshot below, price type 1 or 523).

Under each Room type are all the available rate types.  Make sure you map the right rate to the right room

Useful Info.

Bookable until?

1 year

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle?

Reservation pick up every 5 minutes

Credit card information

All reservations are paid directly to JAC so no card information is provided.


Only Open and Close restrictions are supported

Because JAC provides the total value of the booking in their reservation XML, the rates per day are based on that value and may not be accurate.

If the hotel has multiple contracts (BAR and Non-Refundable) it is only possible to receive reservations on the assigned contract on the credentials screen.

OTA Information

JacTravel is now under the WebBeds parent company.  We still connect to the JAC API but extranet access for hotels is via the TotalStay platform.


“Date specified must be greater than current date”

“Cannot be greater than <DateFrom”.

New rate of room to amended to the system. Subject to contract rates, any pricing updates exceeding the contracted amount will result in the following error: “Buy rates cannot be higher than contracted rates”.