General details
Office address: Unit 1c, The Forum, Ballymoss Road, Sandyford
Postal code: DV18 VE83
City: Dublin 18
Country: Ireland
Telephone number: + 353 (0)1 2939906

Extranet: varies per property


An existing customer on channel

Please contact the hotel account manager via support department or by phone and request to turn on the SmartHOTEL module and you will receive the hotel id.

A new customer on channel

Hotel can contact the Net Affinity sales team to sign up and request the SmartHOTEL module with it.

Example switch email

Subject: Connect hotel XXX to Netaffinity for SmartHOTEL module

Dear Support team,Can you please activate the following property for the SmartHOTEl module?Property name:

Property city:

Property country:

netaffinityProperty ID:

You can also switch the Channel Manager directly in the Net Affinity extranet

The Username is smhotel but please ask the SmartHOTEL team for the password.


Who provides what

Hotels code is used as username and pin code. Which are provided by Net Affinity.

For the password please ask the SmartHOTEL team



When mapping for Net Affinity, it is important to check the configuration settings within the Net Affinity extranet to ensure they match the configuration of the channel manager.

Rate plan configuration

In Net Affinity please ensure that no rates being mapped are pulling from Central Availability.  The channel manager will send availability for each rate on room level.

Should any rate plans, except the base rate, be pooling from central availability you can disable this by editing the rate and unticking the box on Step 4

Conference and Group Rates

It is possible to set up Conference and Group rates in NetAffinity and these can then be mapped in SmartHOTEL for reservation delivery.  If you are using these types of rates you will need to Pool them from central availability and also Float rates from a pre-defined rate.

Room type configuration

The room configuration in Net Affinity must match the occupancy settings in the channel manager.

Should any rooms accommodation children in the channel manager then you must ensure that the occupant setting in NetAffinity match, especially the Child Age Qualifying Code


Mapping is always done in the Standard Column

Useful Info.

Bookable until?

2 years in advance

How far in advance can data be sent?

2 years in advance

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle?

Reservations are pushed to channel manager by Net Affinity