General details


The hotel can inform their provider or OpenGDS directly they would like a connection with SmartHOTEL. OpenGDS will send the connection request e-mail to SmartHOTEL


Only the PIN code is required

Who provides what

The PIN code is provided in the connection request e-mail as sent by OpenGDS

In this connection request e-mail the extranet credentials will be provided. Those are created specially for the channel manager for each hotel.


Only mapping in the standard column is required

It can happen that you filled in the correct PIN code but no mapping appears. In that case most likely the packages are not created yet in the OpenGDS system. In that case please check with OpenGDS.

Useful Info.

OpenGDS is the replacement of Maxmind. Currently only Marrea works via OpenGDS but eventually all properties / providers using Maxmind will be switched to OpenGDS