General details
Office address: Yeşilce Mah. Diken Sk. 4/1
Postal code: 34418
City: Kağıthane/İstanbul
Country: Turkey
Telephone number: (+90) 850 333 0 220



An existing customer on channel

As long as a property is registered on they can enable their SmartHOTEL connection on their extranet settings. This can be found at the left side under Setting > Channel Management Settings

A new customer on channel

They need to join first via Afterwards, they can follow the steps mentioned at “an existing customer on channel”


Switches are done very quickly


The XML-username and password can be left blank. Only the PIN code needs to be filled in.

Who provides what

The extranet user and password are always provided by to the hotels to access their extranet.

The PIN code is the hotel ID which can be found at the extranet and/ or can be provided by the hotel.


Mapping is always done in the standard column for the room. All occupancies will be sent to

It is important that the max occupancy is set at side as well. For example, when a room has a max occupancy of 3 in the channel manager and a max occupancy of 2 in, we will not receive an error on the triple use price. The information is simply not being processed.

Useful Info.

Bookable until?

A hotel bookable up to 2 years in advance at

How far in advance can data be sent?

This can be sent 365 days in advance

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle? pushes reservations every 5 minutes