General details
Office address: Staldenstrasse 58
Postal code: 3920
City: Zermatt
Country: Switzerland
Telephone number: +41 27 966 3400
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Manual channel manager activation

To activate a channel manager please enter Reconline CRS and choose section Hotel / Data Partner.

This page is only visible for authorized secure users with strong password rules. If you don’t see this page please contact to request a secure user.

1. Under ChannelManager type 1 – recoXML choose which channel manager you use. If the channel manager is not in the list kindly contact Reconline at

2. Select how you would like to receive your bookings - receipt of bookings by e-mail: please enter the e-mail address. In case of more than one, they have to be separated by a ; (semicolon) - receipt of bookings by channel manager (goes into the channel manager’s extranet).

3. Kindly read and accept the box “I accept GDPR Agreement”

On saving the changes, your property is added to the selected channel manager XML Master account and an automated email is sent to your channel manager with your connection request and the information concerning your selected notification delivery. Your channel manager can now start setup your connection to the Reconline CRS.

New Hotels to the channel

Please contact Markus for new leads;

Markus Busch, reconline AG

Staldenstrasse 58, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland

+41 (0)27 966 3400, Mobile +41 (0)79 290 0184



Who provides what

The XML credentials are always the same. Please ask the SmartHOTEL team for this information. The PIN is the Hotel-ID supplied on the activation email from Reconline.

Channel Manager Preparation

The Channel Manager controls the Advance Booking Policy so it is essential this information is set up on the rates.

You also need to define the Boarding Type.



Multiple rates can be mapped


Multiple occupancies are supported by editing the room settings.  You can see the occupancy settings required by Reconline by looking at the room description.  the below example is 2/3 so we map the Standard Column and tick the Use Triple use box

Useful Info.

Useful Information

Inventory is being sent on rate level.  If a rate is closed, then the inventory being sent will show -100 in the XML so it wont be bookable online.

Connectivity Settings

A hotel can choose to deliver reservations by email or through the channel manager.  This is set up in the Data Partner menu