General details
Office address: 5 Windmill Business Park
Postal code: BT24 7DX
City: Saintfield
Country: Northern Ireland
Telephone number: +44 (0) 28 9099 8866



Switch & Credentials

The hotelier needs to contact their Right Revenue account manager to establish the connection between the RMS and SmartHOTEL.

The following should be provided to Right Revenue.

  • Hotel Code
  • Room Codes
  • Rate code

Right Revenue will use the same vendor authorisation credentials for all properties

Other information.

Rates are sent on a single rate plan.  Right Revenue push identical prices for single, double and triple occupancy. They hotel will use the PMS rate manager to set any additions/subtractions - e.g. breakfast charge, advance purchase discount, extra person, etc.

Supported Data

PMS to External System

»  Reservations (Sync, New, Modify, Cancel, No Show)
»  Allotment (Sync, Header, Detail)
»  Inventory Message (RTAV)
»  Result

External System to PMS
»  Rate Updates (base rate only)
»  Restriction updates (S_CLOSE, S_OPEN, A_MINLOS, A_MAXLOS) – not yet supported
»  Result