General details
Office address: Airside Business Park
Postal code:
City: Swords, Co. Dublin
Country: Ireland
Telephone number:
Customer support:
Fax: not applicable



A new customer on channel

Hotels wishing to connect to RyanAir can email them or sign up at and select the SmartHOTEL channel manager.

Once the hotel has been activated an email will be sent to SmartHOTEL with the hotel id and rates and rooms to be mapped

Activation email in Test hotel TEST (1)

Property Test hotel TEST (1) has been activated:

1. Single room (1) (min: 1, max: 1): action added
2. Double room (2) (min: 1, max: 2): action added
3. Triple room (3) (min: 1, max: 3): action added
4. Family room (4) (min: 1, max: 4): action added

1. Non refundable policy (1) policy non-refundable: action added
2. Refundable policy (2) policy refundable: action added


Example Extranet Credentials

Who provides what?

The extranet user and password are always provided by RyanAir to the hotels to access their extranet

Example XML Credentials

The XML username and password can be left blank.
However, the PIN code is important. The PIN code is the hotel ID which can be found in the connection email.



Mapping is always done in the Standard Column for the room.  All occupancies will be sent to RyanAir however they will only apply the pricing as per the occupancy they have configured in their system

Useful Info.


<Error Type="12" Code="320">Couldn't find room with id X with occupancy X for hotelCode X</Error>

This room or rate is no longer active and requires unmapping