General details
Office address: Via Lucca 52
Postal code: 50142
City: Firenze
Country: Italy
Telephone number: +39 (0)55 705718



A hotelier has to inform Simple Booking they would like a connection with SmartHOTEL following which they should sign a document and have a contract to enable this connection.

Afterwards, Simple Bbooking will send an automated connection request to SmartHOTEL with subject: Simple Booking: XML interface API activation for property HOTELNAME

No further confirmation from hotelier or SmartHOTEL is required once the mapping is done.


Who provides what?

Simple Booking will provide all three elements of the XML credentials


Multiple occupancies will be created as multiple room codes on Simple Booking side which can be mapped in the right columns.

Even though the occupancy might be obvious through the room description you can always check the Default Occupancy by clicking on the "I" icon

If a room is set up on Simple Booking side for more than quadruple occupancy SmartHOTEL can send the quadruple use price. The price for 5th & 6th person can be calculated on Simple Booking side via extra bed settings.

Useful Info.


CTA & CTD restrictions are only supported on room level and can only be set on Simple Booking side

Reservation delivery

Discounts will be mentioned in the comments and not calculated in the rate sent to the channel manager.

When children are booked this will be mentioned in the comments and the guestcount but the price for booked children will not be sent via XML

How far in advance can data be sent?

R&A data can be sent up to 2 years in advance towards Simple Booking

Other information:

When accessing the Simple Booking extranet with the hotelier’s credentials a verification is always required. If SmartHOTEL would like to have access to the  extranet, we can ask the hotel to create us a new user to access their Simple Booking extranet. This will not be done by Simple Booking.