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Please ask the property to inform their Suite8 consultant of the connection with SmartHOTEL.


The Suite8 consultant will need to be provided with the Hotel ID and PMS Password from SmartHOTEL.

This hotel ID will need to be filled in under the mapper tab, the attributes tab and then you can fill in the hotel ID in the field hotelcode.
The password will need to be entered under the communication tab under additional credentials.

Please always ensure that the hotel ID and hotelcode in SmartHOTEL are the same for Suite8 properties.

Useful Information.


The room and rate codes in Suite8 need to be the same as the room and rate codes in SmartHOTEL.


There are multiple settings available for the connection between Suite8 and SmartHOTEL, and these versions are independent in Suite8.

The most important differences are mentioned below:

Version 1

  • Guest and bookernames: In this version the guest and bookernames are provided via XML element ‘profile type 1’ which is mapped to the primary guest field in Suite8 and the customer field in Suite8.
  • Child rates are not supported in Version 1.
  • Child Counts in the reservation are not supported.

Version 2

  • Guest and bookernames: In this version booker and guest information is provided via ‘profile type 18’. This profile type has no connection to current fields in Suite8. Guest name information is provided via ‘Profile type 1’ and is shown in Suite8. In this scenario complaints may arise because the bookername stays empty.
  • Child rates are supported in Version 2.
  • Child Counts in the reservation are supported.

Supported rates

Base and calculated rates are supported when the property connects with the newest endpoint.


Services are sent in the comments and as an XML element, Suite8 is not yet able to accept them via XML.

Endpoints and Credit Card details

There are multiple endpoints that are used to make a connection from Suite8 to SmartHOTEL. The so called “old”endpoints and a “new”endpoint.
Starting from 1st of May 2020 the credit card details will not be delivered anymore via the interface connection for properties connected with one of the following endpoints. Instead they will be provided via a secured vault environment.

Old endpoints examples


Properties connected with the following endpoint will receive the credit card details as usual.

New endpoint example

For a full list of the endpoints please speak to SmartHOTEL.

How to change the endpoint?

Prior to changing the endpoint, please ensure that TLS 1.2 is activated on the machine where the Suite8 online interface is running.

  • Change the endpoints in the Suite8 interface.
  • Perform a test to check whether the R&A messages are correctly processed and whether reservations are successfully picked up.
  • Please pay special attention to the possibility that the password may have been encrypted in the MMOD and that they may have to be manually changed from encrypted to plain text.

PLEASE NOTE that the old endpoints will be phased out in time. This means that all properties should be migrated to the new endpoint