General details
Office address: 6 West 18th Street, 3rd Floor
Postal code: 10011
City: NY, New York
Country: United States
Telephone number: +1 212 627 7250
Customer support: +1 888 872 0805



An existing customer on channel

1. SmartHOTEL reaches out to the distribution team and asks for the property to be enabled.
2. Tablet will enable the property as well as provide the hotel’s Tablet Hotel Code. Tablet will also confirm what Room Type Codes and Rate Plan Codes we have listed on our side.
3. SmartHOTEL will map the property and inform Tablet when ARI is sent.

A new customer on channel

Hotels are selected by Tablet.

Example switch email

Subject: Connect hotel XXX to Tablet Hotels for SmartHOTEL Channel Manager /Micros Channel Manager*

Dear Tablet distribution team,

Can you please activate the following property on XML for Tablet Hotels.:

Property name:
Property city:
Property country:
Tablet Property ID:

Can you confirm when the XML connection is ready?



A few days


The hotel ID needs to be set as pin code in the Credentials tab.

Who provides what

Hotel ID and extranet login will be provided by the hotel.



Multiple rooms are supported.


Multiple rates are supported.


Useful Info.

Bookable until?

1.5 years in advance

How far in advance can data be sent?

1.5 years in advance

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle?

Reservations are picked up every 10 minutes