General details
Office address: Yoshkar-Ola office, 56A Leninskiy Prospect Str
Postal code: 424003
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Country: Russia
Telephone number: +8 800 555 20 30 (Russia), +380 80 021 88 87 (Ukraine)
Customer support: +8 499 709 82 28 (Moscow)



An existing customer on channel

A hotel should request a channel manager connection via the Travelline support team or at their own support manager at Travelline.

A new customer on channel

Please contact the sales team at Travelline to sign up.

Example switch email

Subject: Connect hotel XXX to Travelline for SmartHOTEL

Dear Team,

Can you please activate the following property on XML for XXX Travelline

Property name:
Property city:
Property country:
Travelline Property ID:

Can you confirm when the XML connection is ready?



Depending on the contracts which need to be signed and the required training, the switch is done in approximately 1 week.


Who provides what

Travelline will provide the extranet and XML credentials to the property. The XML credentials contain the Travelline hotel code and a specific password provided by Travelline.



Multiple rooms are supported.


Multiple rates are supported.


Useful Info.

Bookable until

Rooms can be booked 1 year ahead

How far in advance can data be sent?

Data can be sent 1 year ahead

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle?

It’s a reservation pick up service, which picks up reservations every 5 minutes

Credit Card details sent?

Credit card information is available on the Travelline extranet only. A note is sent along which indicates that the credit card information is available on the extranet in case it’s a guaranteed booking.


Currently it is only possible to have the booker as a guest on the reservation, however, a guest list is provided in the notes.


Occupancy settings error

<OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRS TimeStamp=" 2014-07-18T13:33:19.983+02:00">
<Error Language=" en-us" Type=" 3" Code=" 61" ShortText=" Request is invalid" Status=" NotProcessed">Error processing prices. Hotel-ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PMS-Code XX Details :Can't proceed prices: number of persons 1 doesn't match occupation-condition MIN 2 MAX 8</Error>
<Warning Language=" en-us" Type=" 3" Status=" Complete" ShortText=" Can't proceed all records." />