General details
Office address: Burkheimer Str. 3
Postal code: 79111
City: Freiburg
Country: Germany
Telephone number: +49 761 600 6856 0



An existing or new customer on channel

SmartHOTEL has to request the connection (for R&A as reservation delivery) via

Viato will provide SmartHOTEL with with:

  • requestor id / contract id
  • property id


Who provides what?

The connection can be requested via email to Viato.  Viato will provide the channel manager with the information needed in order to make a connection.

  • requestor id / contract id need to be filled in at XML password
  • property id need to be filled in at pincode
  • XML username does not have to be filled in


  • Check per connection how the hotel would like to have everything connected.
    • Scenario 1:
      Only the main rate has to be mapped. This rate has the same name & id as the room. Other rates will be set up as derived rates on Viato side but they deliver all reservations on the main rate code.
    • Scenario 2:
      Connect all rates which need to be managed from the channel manager. In that case Viato has to change the set up on their side as well.
  • After activation and refresh send a quick notification to to inform them the connection is up and running.

Useful Info.