General details
Office address: 8 Holmes Road
Postal code: NW5 3AB
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number: +44 (0) 207 8708448



A new customer on channel

Hotels wishing to connect to WebBeds can email the sales team at Sunhotels or sign up at

Once the hotel has been activated and all room and rate plans have been configured you can request a connection to SmartHOTEL.

Please provide SmartHOTEL with your username and password and the full product list and the connection can be done for you.


Example XML Credentials

Who provides what?

The Username and password are the hotel log in details and the PIN code is the Hotel ID.



Multiple rates can be mapped to the room type but mapping is only possible in one column. So, mapping in the standard column means the standard price will be sent.

To understand which column should be mapped please check the information;

In the above example the Beds is 3 so the Triple Column should be mapped.

If the channel manager has extra adult and child prices set then the Webbeds room should have the extra beds set up too.

A dummy price will also need adding in the fields below and the channel manager will override this with the actual value

Should the Webbeds room set up have extra beds and the channel manager is unable to send the data then Webbeds need to manually apply the extra bed value in their system.

We only receive one room type from Webbeds called Default room

Every room / rate combination is delivered as rate type underneath. Via the information icon you can get more information:

The rate name shows under InternalRoomNote - this is why we recommend receive a full product list from the property for ease of reference.

In case of multiple room types the Default Room will be mapped multiple times but every room/rate combination has a unique code

Sunhotels has the option to create room groups and normal rooms. Only normal rooms are supported in the connection with SmartHOTEL.

Useful Info.

WebBeds is the parent company for JAC Travel, Sunhotels, Destinations of the World, Exclusively and Totalstay.

They use 3 different platforms which are:

  • SunHotels
  • Destinations of the World
  • Exclusively/TotalStay


Extra bed Price is not allowed for Flexible rooms
UpdateCalendarInformation function prevents rates from being sent in ExtraBed if room is set as Flexible Mode, although it has extra beds.

If the channel manager is unable to send the extra beds then Webbeds need to add the price manually in their system

The room has no extra beds so extra bed prices must be empty

Webbeds will need to change the Room Occupancy settings and add in the default pricing to resolve this. See Mapping for more information