***See Useful Info

General details
Office address: Kleine Palen 4
Postal code: 8601AB
City: Sneek
Country: The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 0515- 700 204



Please send an email to Geert at 123Boeken to request a connection.


The following credentials should be provided to 123Boeken

  • White label ID
  • SmartHOTEL hotel id
  • PMS password
  • Room id’s: only of the main rooms and not the virtual rooms
  • Rate id’s

Useful Info.


* Virtual room reservations are sent on the id of the main room towards 123Boeken

** Multiple rates can be mapped for reservation delivery

*** Modifications & cancellations will be picked up by 123Boeken but will not be processed in the PMS automatically. The hotelier gets notified and needs to adjust the reservation manually. Afterwards the adjusted availability will be sent to SmartHOTEL.  Keeping this in mind our advice is to always set Auto-replenishment on ‘OFF’.

**** When children are sent towards the PMS, 123Boeken will handle them as adults. They don’t have a functionality to handle children