***See Useful Info

General details
Office address: Laagwaalderweg 49
Postal code: 1793 ED
City: De Waal
Country: Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0) 222 - 74 50 16
Customer support: +31 (0)222- 74 50 15




The hotelier can send an e-mail to Rogier at Bookzo to arrange the switch.


The following credentials should be provided to Bookzo

  • White label ID
  • SmartHOTEL hotel id
  • PMS password
  • Room id’s
  • Rate id’s

Useful Info.


* Virtual rooms do not work as usual. Virtual rooms can be connected via Bookzo on Room id and need to be linked to the mother room in Bookzo. In this case, Bookzo will be able to push availability, rates and restrictions. The availability will always be the same availability as the mother room. In SmartHOTEL, it is therefore not possible to use default and/ or threshold values. Please ensure that main availability for virtual rooms is on.

** Bookzo supports multiple rates under 1 room when the rates can be derived/ calculated from 1 mother rate.

*** Packages are supported but rates will need to be entered in SmartHOTEL because package pricing usually cannot be derived from other rates.

**** Bookzo will send new availability after a cancellation. This will however not always happen immediately since it is possible that an invoice is attached to the reservation. In this case the invoice will need to be handled first before new availability is sent.

*****For non-active arrival days, Bookzo will sent a CTA and CTD restriction to SmartHOTEL. It is not possible to send CTA/ CTD separately.