General details
Office address: Robert Ragge GmbH, Blaubach 32
Postal code: 50676
City: Koln (Cologne)
Country: Germany
Telephone number: +49 221 207 76 00




A new customer on channel

The hotel can go to the link below and sign up for;jsessionid=D496F76489A3C4831D14A2F67C4E045D.41-2?clientId=bmxfX05FWFQ-&cid=41-2&activity=showContactServiceHotel

An existing customer on channel

Login to the HRS extranet and choose SmartHOTEL as the channel manager

Example switch email

It is not necessary to send a switch email because we can do the switch ourselves. As we select a channel manager in the HSA, the switch will automatically be completed.


Since the switch will be completed automatically, there is no time frame in which a hotel will be switched.

Check the breakfast settings on HRS (other prices) and make sure it exists for 3 years in a row

Check for any Corporate Rates as this will be required for the Credentials set up

Make a note of any Additional Categories the hotel may currently be selling.  It is essential that the Availability is managed separately


Who provides what?

The extranet user and password are always provided by the hotel. The PIN Code is the property code in HRS

Corporate Rate

You now need to select which rate is used for the Corporate rate.  For more information see the Corporate Rate details in the Rates section


Decide which room type in the channel manager is used as the Standard Category

Define additional categories if there are any

Additional categories:

Additional categories in work with an add-on value / surcharge on top of the standard room rate. HRS will only calculate the amounts which are entered as a surcharge on the standard room. Everything that is entered in the R&A for this particular category will be ignored and it could possibly be that the rates displayed there are not matching to what is displayed on

In order to avoid having fixed mark-up values, it is also possible to create an extra rate category where the hotel can insert a daily value. Please refer to the “mark-up” section in the Rates sub-chapter below.

Economy-Budget Room:

The Economy-Budget room will have a negative in the SGL rate and DBL rate field. The exact settings of why it is a budget room can be entered in the category details on the extranet:

3-bedroom and 4-bedroom:

3-bedroom and 4-bedroom type are related to one another. You can create the 3-bedroom type stand alone, however, the 4 –bedroom type depends on the 3-bedroom and can therefore not be created independently. Also, only the DBL value has to be entered in the Back Office. This value will be entered on top of the standard room. If a 4-bedroom type is entered, the standard rate + the rate value from the 3-bedroom type + rate value from the 4-bedroom type is added.

Please note: In order to synchronize the 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom using the F3 functionality, it is important that the 4-bedroom first is removed at If the 4-bedroom is not removed, the synchronization fails.

Rate set up

When creating rates it is important that the Cancellation and Booking Policy is set up as this information is sent to HRS

A full list of supported policies can be found in the sub-section Cancellation and Booking Policies

Boarding Type

You also need to define the Boarding Type.  Only Breakfast Included and None are supported for HRS

Corporate rate:

Corporate reservations from HRS cannot be mapped to a known HRS rate code. Therefore this workaround has been implemented so reservations are being delivered properly. A rate type named “Corporate Rate” in the rate setup can be used to set up a corporate rate:  This rate will not be visible in the HRS mapping screen and there is no need to create allotment for this rate as the distribution of rate values and restrictions is not supported by HRS.

Reservations from HRS that are marked as corporate will be mapped to this rate code and the company name of the booker will be included in the reservation comments.

Please be aware that only one Corporate rate code from the PMS can be linked and only 1 corporate rate for HRS can be set up. In case multiple companies have price agreements and have different rate codes the PMS, a general corporate rate should be used and the reservations which are delivered on this rate code should be adjusted to the correct specific corporate rate code manually.


Note: When setting up this Corporate rate, please ensure that NO room allotment is added otherwise it won't be visible in the drop-down list in the booking site.

Rate Type

In the mapping screen, you need to define the rate type and group.

Each rate type has certain supported features so select what will suit you best.

HRS Rate:

• Availability
• Breakfast option

Special rate:

• Availability
• Minimum stay
• Breakfast option

Hot deal rate:

• Availability
• Minimum stay
• Close to arrival (restricted though)
• Breakfast option
• Cancellation policies
• Booking policies

Trade show rate:

• Availability
• Minimum stay
• Close to arrival (restricted though)
• Breakfast option
• Cancellation policies

Weekend Rate: not supported via channel manager (visible on

Seasonal rate (only for holiday hotel and can only be set by

• Availability
• Minimum stay
• Close to arrival (restricted though)
• Cancellation policies
• Meal plan options: besides breakfast, half board, full board and all inclusive are supported

Example Mapping

Markup Rate

Please note that this is implemented at the request of HRS in order to comply with the requirements set for HRS Version 10. Our advice is to use this functionality explicitly if the hotel requests it.

  • Rates (ONLY markup value for additional room categories on top of standard room)
    • Open / close
    • Reservations are NOT delivered on the markup rate

The markup rate can only be used for additional room categories. It gives the hotel the option to have daily changeable markup values, rather a fixed value that is set in the room. Please remember that the value inserted for this rate should only be the markup value and not the actual value. For instance, if the standard room is 100 euros and the business room should be 120 euros, the value in the markup rate should be 20 euros.

To use the markup rate create a new rate with an HRS rate type set to “Markup Rate”. Assign to Group 1. Ensure that the room has an HRS Category with both the SGL and DBL markup values inserted (these are still required for the F3 function to work correctly).

Once the markup rate is made the internet allotment creation and the mapping can be produced in two ways:

  1. Single rate (markup rate only)

Only create internet allotment for the additional room category on the markup rate. The hotel can now insert the markup value as well as open / close messages. Reservations made on the additional room categories will fail, as no rate will be identified.

  1. Multiple rates (all additional rate categories, as well as the markup rate).

Internet allotment for the markup rate is created with all the other HRS rate types. Reservation delivery on the additional room category will work correctly, but it’s advisable to leave all the rates, besides the markup rate, empty:

  • Rates will be sent to HRS through the markup rate and not the other rates
  • Open  / close restrictions on the other rates will cause discrepancies, as HRS actually only offers one rate type on the front end on any given time, depending on what is offered on the standard room at that time. For example:

If the Special Rate is offered for the Standard room, it implies that the Business room is also available for the Special rate. If at that time a close message is sent to HRS for the Trade show rate for the Business room, the entire room will not be available anymore even though there might be inventory available.



Rebates which are possible on are:

  • Early bird
  • Long term
  • Last minute
  • Free nights
  • Senior
  • Native
  • Double as single

These rebates cannot be mapped, however, they can be in use on If there is a rebate given that will be taken from the lowest available rate published on HRS and that type or rate will be sent along. In the scenario where a hotel uses a special rate and a trade fair rate, it could be that reservations will come in on one of the two types.

Once all rate and room set up is complete and mapping has been done you need to synchronise the information with HRS.

Then the following screen will pop up

Press "Analyze setup".

The analysis of the extranet and the comparison with the Channel Manager extranet will start straight away. On the left side the settings are visible and on the right side the Channel Manager extranet. In the end, both have to match.

In above screenshot, no action is required anymore and the setup on HRS matches to what is entered in the back office. In case action is needed this will be indicated in the box below.

For example a new category is added:

By pressing synchronize setup, this category will be added to HRS;

Should you see the below error when synchronising new room categories it may be necessary to delete the room in HRS and allow the channel manager to create the room category.

In case a "Reinitialize rates" needs to be done, to be able to send a full refresh of data, please press the button “Reinitialize all rate”.

All availability is set to zero and a default rate amount on HRS.  Now a full refresh can be sent to ensure the accurate rate details are being displayed online:

Useful Info.

At it is only possible to map a number of room types. These are the Standard room and the budget-economy room, in addition, 3 categories can be added as well.

Reservation delivery


When a reservation on HRS is modified, it is first cancelled. After the cancellation, a new reservation is made, with the modifications. Properties will receive the modification before the cancellation, which can lead to confusion. The reason why the modification is sent before the cancellation has everything to do with the preparation before sending both items.

When the items are sent to the channel manager, first the modification (last incoming and 'on top of the stack') is sent. The cancellation is forwarded next. The property can consider the cancellation as not sent and should only look at the modification. It is also possible for a property to view the current status of a booking, by searching it in the bookings overview at the HRS extranet.

Pick up/ Push cycle

In the connection with HRS, we work with a pickup cycle.

Credit card information

Credit card details are not sent to the channel manager within the XML message. The hotel can obtain the credit card details by opening the reservation on the HRS extranet.

What do we send?

The prices that are entered in the Channel Manager extranet are the exact same prices that are sent to

Bookable until

Properties are bookable in the period that HRS is provided with data. Through the channel manager, it is possible to send data up until the end of December the next year. However, it is possible to enter data for the year after that at the HRS extranet. Please note: this data will be overwritten when a property enters data into the channel manager for that year.

Restrictions supported

Open/Close, MinLOS, CTA

Trade Fair Rates visibility on additional room categories

When you have rates (for example a trade fair rate) under the standard category but not under the additional room categories (for example a superior room) sometimes this rate still shows up in the upgraded category (in pink), this is why according to HRS:

Scenario 1:
Trade Show and the Special Rate as Standard are both open. The Superior will show the cheaper one.
Scenario 2:
One is closed, the other open. The additional category takes the open Standard as basis.
Scenario 3:
All Standard categories are closed. The additional category gets the basis from the Standard category which was changed the most recent.

If you want to make sure that the Special rate is always the basis for the additional category then there would be 2 options.

  • Close Standard Trade Fair and not work with it anymore
  • De-map Standard Trade Fair


List of errors + explanation


If internet allotment has been created and the property has entered their data (for the next year) into the channel manager, it is possible that the error below appears in the queue. To fix this error the HRS initialization has to be done by pressing F3 in the credentials tab.

Please note: after following the steps of the HRS initialization it is important that the error messages in the queue are sent to HRS via the refresh tool. A normal refresh needs to be done as well, because the button 'reinitialize all rates' creates an availability of zero and a default rate amount on HRS.


<message>rate save failed due to validation errors: -4101: rate save failed due to validation errors (Validation errors occurred: A parameter of the to saved object is invalid or out of range. )</message>

The following error appears when the HRS initialization is being performed and indicates that a property is no longer connected to Please contact the property to find out if the connection with can be deactivated.

Failed to retrieve groups from HRS with error : <detail><NS1:HRSException xmlns:NS1=""><code>-2000</code><message>login failed: -2000: login failed ( The given hotel is not activated due to given channel manager!)</message><trace/></NS1:HRSException></detail>

The errors below indicates that the hot deal column does not exist. Perform the HRS initialization and see what must be done in order to send these messages properly.

Error in channel manager:


<message>rate save failed due to validation errors: -4101: rate save failed due to validation errors (Validation errors occurred: The Hot Deal column does not exist. Please first create the Hot Deal column. )</message>

Error in HRS initialization:

Synchronization failed

Error : <detail><NS1:HRSException xmlns:NS1=""><code>-4101</code><message>rate save failed due to validation errors: -4101: rate save failed due to validation errors (Validation errors occurred:

The Hot Deal column does not exist. Please first create the Hot Deal column.


The error below means that the information must be sent again. Triggering a refresh will fix this error.


<message>session is not valid: -1000: session is not valid ( Session is null or invalid)</message>