General details
Office address: Bosestrasse 4
Postal code: 04109
City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Telephone number: +49 341 392 86751
Customer support: +49 341 392 86751



An existing customer on channel

Connection via channel manager needs a setup via Tomas Travel (a German destinations company that interacts as part of the channel management way. Therefore the hotel will receive a letter from Myhotelshop to fill in all the required information about room categories, rate plan, rate conditions etc. Myhotelshop will do the setup and in order to contact the channel manager for the rate exchange.

After the rate exchange the hotel receives a link for checking the data and if it's all fine they will be integrated into the following release for e.g. Trivago.

A new customer on channel

Hotel needs to do the registration on  Then order the connection in the online-shop from Myhotelshop.  The rest of the steps are the same as mentioned above.


Approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the feedback of the various channel manager they are working with and the correct data transfer.


Who provides what

Tomas Travel provides the channel manager with an excel file, which includes: URLs, Hotelname, Hotel Tomas ID, Client ID, User ID, Password and roomcodes/roomnames to synchronize the system automatically.

Here an example of how it will be provided:

And this is how it needs to be applied in the setup, in order to retrieve the mapping:

User name field  = User + ClientID/TerminalID provided by TOMAS
Password = provided by TOMAS
PIN code = Hotel ID provided by TOMAS


Useful Info.

Bookable until?

1 year in advance

How far in advance can data be sent?

No restrictions

Do you push reservations to the channel manager? Or do they pick them up?

Myhotelshop is not involved in any reservation process as they only provide the link to the hotel own website where the potential guest can book as usual.  If the hotel is working with Tomas then bookings may be received on a pull basis from Tomas.

Do you provide credit card information in the xml for reservation?


Which restrictions are supported?

Myhotelshop is able to set cancellation settings, MLOS, advanced booking settings. Closed to arrival and closed to departure restrictions are not yet  supported.

Tomas travel has no contract with the hotels. the tourist offices from the region/city have contracts with the hotels. Tomas Travel is only the contact person for the channel manager, and not for the hotel directly.


Cancellations cannot be made via Tomas front end but need to be requested by tourism site.

Reservations Pick up/ Push cycle?

Reservations are picked up every 10 minutes

You have three main areas to work with:

1. Your hotels

  • You can add hotels and have an overview of your existing ones
  • At the beginning, it won't be possible to add more than one hotel to one account but don’t worry. We will unblock this feature to you very soon
  • If your account was a chain account in the past, please scroll down to our new feature „Connect Account“

 2. Your shop

  • Here you can click through our new order form to order a new product or to refill your existing ads
  • Step 1 just shows your selected account and Step 2 lists your contract
  • In Step 3, you can make your order, double check it and finally send it to us!

3. Manage Products and keep track of your performance!

In this overview, you can find all your existing ads with all relevant data:

  • Is your ad active or still in setup?
  • How much budget did you already invest and how much revenue was generated?
  • What's your commission and your commission goal?
  • Is your remaining budget almost empty? Maybe you should enable automatic refills to stay online!

When looking on your ads, you have two features to use:

a) Manage Ad

By clicking on the small cogwheel on the right side, you can configure your ad to en-/disable automatic refills or change your CPCs.

b) Reporting

Here you can see your performance in total. Clicking on the arrow will open your detailed reporting. (Please be aware that all the information in this view depends on your selected timeframe!)

You just want to check your performance on one or two locales? No problem! Just select the locales you're interested in and the summary at the bottom will be adjusted!

You want to see the performance of more than one hotel or placement in one reporting? The feature to have an aggregated view will be added very soon!

By the way:
If you are a more visual person, be prepared for the integration of our reporting graph.

Your account settings

Just select your account to get to your settings:

  • Add or edit your account information
  • Check your billing address
  • Change your preferred payment method

New feature: Connect Account

At myhotelshop, we do not separate anymore between chain- or single hotel accounts. Your account doesn't depend on hotels at all! You can create hotels, manage them by yourself or let someone else do it.

You can give another account access to your's or take care of others. To switch between accounts, just select one:

Important note:

If your account was a chain account in the past, all former single hotel accounts are now connected to you.

You do not have access to the account settings of a managed account, so if you want to change account related information please log into the account.

If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Phone: +49 (0) 341 / 392 816 751



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